We work with plant owners, as well as equipment and service suppliers to develop a plan to meet their needs.  Whether it be assisting plant personnel to write reports on responses to audit findings, incidents reviews, etc.  Or updating/developing your procedures and management Systems.

Policies, procedures, training are all essential elements of energy facility operations.  These must be updated regularly and personnel must be trained on them.  We can update the content of your entire process system management procedure systems or do a simple overhaul to customize to changing regulations.  Through our relationships with partner companies we provide coaching, training, and implementation assistance. One of our passions is risk management and we use this approach to ensure successful marketing campaigns, as well as resolution to problems

We have extensive business development and engineering problem solving  experience starting in the 1970's with Nuclear Power, oil and gas, petrochemicals, etc.  We have written copy and web-site material for numerous companies over the years.

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